Vision / Mission

Sustainable cities begin with education. 

Childhood should have choices. Childhood should be celebrated. 

What does "Green" mean to us? In education it means many things. It means accessibility and social mobility. It means equality of opportunity. It means we have the chance to change lives.

Our vision is simple. Sustainability is about people. Sustainability is about imagination. Sustainability is about love. Sustainability is about action. Education involves all of these. Urban sustainability begins with education. Will you join us? We can change things together.

At the center of everything we do at Green School Jakarta is the belief is that school is a sacred place where love, rigor and guidance combine to allow the child to blossom into the person they are meant to be.

The guiding theme of our school rests on the concepts of sustainability, what the United Nations and the World Wildlife Fund define as “the process of improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting eco-systems.”

With this as our “North Star” we strive each day, each lesson, each minute to grow and nurture in every student a thirst for knowledge, an innate commitment to honesty, a genuine respect for the rights, well being and dignity of others, and an intense interest to explore the wonders of our world.

We combine all of this with a common love for our families, our city, and our world.

Our mission for Green School Jakarta is to provide our students with an unparalleled college preparatory education with unparalleled individual attention while nurturing unparalleled parent involvement.

At Green School Jakarta, we see our future as a permanent fixture in our city, providing a world class, progressive education for its children, while each day actively participating in the care and development of our local community. We see our school not as a building, but rather as a family dedicated to creating opportunity, ideas and real life solutions while reinforcing the ideals that make our city great.