AP Classes

With Advanced Placement classes, earning college credit is just the start! 

This is where students can make a huge difference in their education. We offer AP classes both individually and in groups. We have the unique ability to allow students to “test” themselves by taking the same AP courses offered to top students in the US. By taking these courses, students not only gain invaluable knowledge, skill and experience but also add to their portfolio of achievements they will bring to college. After completing these courses, students can test for college credit. 

Deciding to take an AP course lets colleges and universities know that you have what it takes to succeed in an undergraduate environment. When admissions officers see “AP” on your transcript, they know that what you experienced in a particular class has prepared you well for the challenges of college. Taking AP is a sign that you’re up for the most rigorous classes your high school has to offer.

By taking an AP course and scoring successfully on the related AP Exam, you can save on college expenses: most colleges and universities nationwide offer college credit, advanced placement, or both, for qualifying AP Exam scores. These credits can allow students to save college tuition, study abroad, or secure a second major. AP can transform what once seemed unattainable into something within reach.

Taking an AP course builds the skills you'll need throughout your college years. You give your mind a rigorous workout while polishing up your time management and study skills. You also get better at handling challenging issues and problems, with the support of your AP teachers. AP courses let you know what to expect during the next phase of your educational journey, and help you build the confidence to succeed.

Just some of your choices -

  • AP Art History
  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Statistics
  • AP United States Government and Politics

Taking AP courses and exams improves your chances of getting into college, and can even help you minimize your college costs.

AP and College Admission

Colleges and universities value students who take the most challenging courses available at their school — for many schools, AP courses are the most advanced courses offered. In fact, 85 percent of selective institutions report that a student's AP experience favorably impacts admission decisions. AP courses on your transcript show colleges that you are intellectually curious, unafraid of hard work, and capable of learning the knowledge and skills expected of college students.

Your AP Exam scores provide colleges and universities with additional information about your ability to succeed in college-level study. Check the admission websites of the colleges that interest you to see if sending your official scores will help support your application.

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How AP Can Help You Save on Cost of College

You probably know that if you earn a qualifying score on an AP Exam, you can receive credit for the equivalent course at colleges and universities across the United States and in 60 other countries around the world. Depending on which college you attend, this could mean thousands of dollars saved.

Here are some other ways that AP can help you save on college that you might not have considered:

  • Students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to graduate in four years, while most students take five or six years, and sometimes even longer, to earn bachelor's degrees at public colleges and universities. This means that the AP students who graduate on time save themselves and their families thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary college costs.
  • AP could increase your eligibility for scholarships. 31 percent of colleges and universities consider a student's AP experience when making decision about which student will receive scholarships.